NOCONA - Men's Belt #N2410408

NOCONA - Men's Belt #N2410408

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N.1 1/2"EmbTabBeadInlayTN

*   Nocona Mens Belt - 1-1/2"
*   Tan with Red and Yellow Accents
*   Available Sizes 32-46
*   Leather Strap
*   Multi-Colored Aztec Style Beaded Inlay
*   Basket Weave Tooled Billet
*   Tooled Keeper
*   Removable Etched Buckle

Enjoy comfort and durability from this Mens Nocona belt. This leather and beaded belt looks great for times you need to be dressed up or casual wear. There is a basket weave stamp on the ends of the belt. This classic belt is a style that can be worn for years. Interchangeable silver buckle.